Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 365 day 17

Today after church Sara, Ricahard, Vivian and my dad came by, sara and rich are up for the weekend to see their friends so they stoped in to see us. Tabitha got to show them that she can stand p without holding on to anything and that was cool. After they left T and I went to take a nap, she slept for 3 hours! Then while Granny and Morgen were cooking dinner, Tabitha and I played in the kitchen. she's really into cabnits and drawers right now, so she got into the pots and pans and pulled out this pot and was having such a good time with it.
Lately she's decided that her Curious George that Aunt Shelby got her is her FAVORITE, so much so that if she drops it in the car she screams until I pull over and get it for her. She loves to sit there and "talk" to him. Tonight she was playing in the cabnit with the cookie cutters and she dragged george over and sat him in her lap and started to talk to him about the cookie cutters, she would pick one up and put it in his face, then she would do it again and again with different ones all the while talking away to him. She's growing up so fast, I'm so glad I get to stay home with her, or I would miss all these things. When I was gone for 2 1/2 hours on saturday I was so sad because I was missing whatever it was she was doing. When I came home she practiclly jumed out of her Granny's arms to get to me which made me feel wonderful, I hate leaving her, but when I come back she is so happy to see me that it makes having to be away from her totally worth it.

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