Thursday, January 14, 2010

project 365 day 11

Caution: She eats wrapping paper.
So for the last couple of days Tabitha's morning routine has been wake up, roll over, pull up to standing position bang on the head board for a little while then crawl over to the box at the end of the bed. Its a big box that my sewing machine case came in, and I keep it there, well because she likes the box and gets hours of ejnoyment from it. i put small soft toys, crumpled paper and other things she's interested inside the box for her to discover. She goes to it every morning and has a blast climbing it, pulling thigs out, putting things in etc. the other morning she found that there was still some wraping paper on it and she went to town on that stuff. she had so much fun with that paper, until i had to take it away because she was sucking on it. then I became bad mommy and she cried, so i nursed her and that fixed everything.

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