Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tabitha"s first cristmas!

Tabitha had a pretty good first christmas. On Christmas eve we went to the Chipman's for Chipman's corner. It was a lot of fun and tabitha had fun playing with melonie chipman.

we read the christmas story and opened christmas eve pj's her's were from her Avo Bob, and she looked so cute in them.
The next morning we woke up (at 9am!) and went down to eat breakfast.

then we opened her stocking. She got a ball that i made her, a fresh food eater (basicly a mesh bag on a binky ring so she can eat food without choking on it. ) new binky clips i mad her, and two new binkies. she also got a new hefelump. in the pic it doesn't really look like she cares all that much but she did love it.

Then we opend all her other presents which she seemed to like. My favorite was her new car seat that her granny and grandpa walt got for her. We're so excited about that one!
Tabitha on the other had does not look so excited. but we put it in the car today and she likes the cup holders. she made a mess with jo's o's today and I picked them up and put them in the cup holder and she loved that. she just sat there eating out of the cup holder for a good 10 min.
on another note, morgen got me a sewing machine bag and some more drawers for my fabric and a small set of drawers that goes on my desk to hold my thread. i was really excited about that one. and morgen's parents got me a gift card to jo-ann fabrics i'm so excited i get to go there and buy something for myself! also they got us a gift card to olive garden and a movie and are going to babysit for us so we can go on a date! thats super exciting!

Today was not such a good day unfortunately. I had back spazums all night so i was super tired and tabitha had a hard night because she got scared when i was in pain and she wanted me to hold her but i couldn't so she cryed for over an hour. when i was finally able to get up and cuddle with her she went right to sleep. but today was a crabby day for her. We went and got our errands done, she was still upset that i couldnet carry her since my back still hurt, but we managed. We got my oil changed, went to old navy and got some jeans ($15!) and went to costco to get my eyes checked. then we came home and took a nap (it was already 5pm by this time). Then she ate dinner played while we packed and went to bed. Morgen is still packing and we'll be leaving tomorrow after sacrament meeting. Can't wait to spend a week with my family!

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jess said...

fun christmas! have fun at joann's, too! :D


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