Thursday, December 03, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

My Husband Rocks! Today he made dinner for me (it was my turn but i went to enrichment), Did some laundry for me and finished my new banner for my blog! He's just so awesome!
In Christmas news, I finally got everything i need to make presents and i now have a ton of sewing to do in the next few weeks. Tomorrow we need to finish our christmas cards so i can get them out before saturday. We also need to take pictures of our stroller and post it for sale on Craigslist, so if anyone is interested in a basicly new Mia Moda Atmousferra stroller We're selling ours for $300, we paid over $400 with shipping. ITs just not what we need, and some friends are going to sell us thier uppa baby vista since they just had another baby and are getting a double stroller.
Still no news on BYU for morgen, DeAnza is taking forever to send his transcripts to BYU, they have had all his other transcripts for a while, but DeAnza is taking thier sweet time. Its looking more and more likely that he will have to switch is application to the spring instead of winter.
I'm almost finished with this semseter at gav, I have a few more weeks left of my worthless art class. Seriously i didn't learn anything in this class except that the teacher thinks that the only artists are photographers, and that she doesn't care if you have a learning disablity, if you spell a word wrong she will yell at you, (as in use all caps and tell you to fix your spelling, its an online class so using all caps and a bunch of exclimation points is equal to yelling, i think she needs to take a class in netiqite). My film class ended 2 weeks early and i thouhgt i wasn't doing well, although the teacher gives no feedback when you turn in stuff, but when i went to turn in the DVD with my film, he said i did a great job on my other projects. So cool!
I'm trying to figure out what classes i'm gonna take next semester. It depends on where morgen goes to school, if he goes to west valley, i'm going to take some photography and a sewing class, if he goes to Gav i'm goning to take some child development and health education classes.

I'm looking forward to Tabitha's first christmas, its going to be so much fun! We're going to see santa on saturday so we'll see how that goes. I'll post pics if she doesn't cry. I hate those pictures of children crying on Santa's lap, i don't know why people find them funny?
We went and got our chirstmas tree the other day and it was so much fun.
Usually it takes hours to find the right tree, and this time, we drove in asked the guy where we might find an 18 foot tree (yes 18 feet) and he directed us to the back of the cut your own lot. We went on a one lane road to the back of the property and about 5 min after we got out they had found our tree and everyone agreed it was the one. its so pretty. we even got a spice angel to hang up in the kitchen while we were there.
These are pictures from lunch, we went to a Chines place after getting the tress, and tabitha had cheerios. she is getting really good at feeding herself.

Tabitha is doing so good, i swear every day she's learing something new!
She is so sweet and she giggles all the time now. Here is a super cute video of her on the swings the other day.

Good Night all!

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jess said...

wow...big tree! i love her face in the one where you guys are cutting it down. she's like, what's going on, guys? what are we doing? hehe! good luck with the applications!


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