Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: John Deere by Uncle Milton

Do you have a little one who likes to get dirty, collects bugs and rocks, loves animals? Well Uncle Milton has you covered. Uncle Milton has a great new line of John Deere toysfor the little farmer in all our kids. Uncle Milton sent me 4 products to try out from the new John Deere toy line.

First they sent me the John Deere BugJug. This is a cute little jug that you can use to catch bugs and look at them with a magnifying glass. Tabitha not being a huge fan of bugs was excited to use it to look at ladybugs. Tabitha and her friends had fun collecting all the bugs and watching them walk around the bug jug. The bug jug was easy to put together and would be a lot of fun for a child who likes nature and bugs and wants to get a closer look. After trying it out with Tabitha I gave it to my 5 year old niece who is really into nature and I hope she gets more use out of it in LA than we would in Idaho (where it snows 6 months out of the year). (unfortunately I took a bunch of pictures of Tabitha playing with this then my computer crashed and now its too cold for bug catching)

Next we got to try out the John DeereFarm Dough. This was Tabitha's favorite toy that we got from Uncle Milton. It comes in a yellow container that is covered with a rubber tire tread. It comes with some brown Farm dough, a chicken and pig toy and some vegetable toys. This thing is great. It keeps Tabitha entertained for hours on end and she is always asking to play with it. It is recommended for children 4+ (Tabitha is 3 ½ ). Keep an eye on those little tiny vegetables that come with it, they are small and can cause a choking hazard. I make Tabitha play with it at the table with some paper or the cheap table cloth under it. The smell of the dough is a little off putting. But it doesn't seem to bother Tabitha at all.

Next we tried the John Deere Mini FarmProjector. Tabitha my little flashlight obsessed kid who is also a huge fan of animals thought this was an amazing little toy. She enjoys switching the lenses so that she can see all the different animals. She is having a lot of fun playing with it, but because there are so many different pieces I have taken to making her put them all in a plastic bag when she is done so that she doesn't lose any pieces and her little sister doesn't put them in her mouth. The Farm Projector comes with 6 different farm animal images, and needs 3 button batteries that come with it. It says it is best for 4+ but Tabitha has no problem working it.

The last item we were sent is the JohnDeere Chick hatchers. Now these I was not a fan of. They say you put the egg in a cup of room temperature water. The egg is supposed to crack and let out the chick fairly quickly. I put the egg is slightly warmer than room temperature water. It sat there for over 18 hours, before I got annoyed and put it in hot water because the egg hadn't even cracked. After putting it in very hot water the egg started to crack after an hour. The chick began to expand, but it really smelled awful and was slimy. When the chick looked to be done expanding, I took it out of the water but the smell of formaldehyde was so strong that I couldn't give it to Tabitha. We tried washing it to get the nasty smell off but it wouldn't come off and Morgen and I weren't comfortable giving that to Tabitha.

The John Deere line also has an ant farm for kids 6 and up.

I Love Uncle Milton products and with the exception of the egg hatcher I would buy all of these products again.

Disclaimer: I was provided these toys for the purpose of this post. I was not compensated in any other way. All views are my own. 

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