Sunday, August 05, 2012

Review: So Said Kristen on Etsy

So one of my guilty pleasures has always been window shopping, I loved walking around the mall and seeing what I wanted but would never buy, either because it was too expensive or impractical. With two kids, window shopping in the traditional sense is a thing of the past. But now thanks to sites like Etsy and Pinterest, you can window shop to your hearts content, well or at least until one of your kids starts yelling at you.
I have to say that I love window shopping on Etsy. I love homemade things. If I can't make something myself I almost always go to Etsy to see if someone else can. I would much rather give our hard earned money to a small Etsy seller that makes their stuff themselves than a big store. I have a lot of time at night while nursing Eva to window shop on Etsy. I was recently introduced to a very charming shop called So Said Kristen. Kristen sells some absolutely amazing art in her shop and her prizes are great. Kristen is a self taught artist who makes a variety of different pieces. She started crafting on her own, but when friends and family started making requests for specific pieces, she thought she should start a store. Let me show you some of my favorite things from her shop. 
This multi-colored vase is beautiful. She seals the inside of the vase so the paint won't run, and can make a custom of any of her items in her shop if you message her. She has some other amazing glass work as well. Some beautiful stopper jars and round vases too. 
How great are these chalkboard wine glasses? Perfect for a party right? I know a lot of my friends who would love these. So much better then those charms around the stem of your glass. They are so small and easy to lose, but this is great, you just write your name on it, and then it washes off. It reminds me of when we used to write our names on cups at school when we were little. =)

And who doesn't like candles right? These glass candle holders are covered in tie dye purple fabric and only $5!

These wheel bracelets are adorable and very affordable at $5 each!
This Octobubble Painting is Tabitha's favorite item! She keeps asking if she can have the Octopus! 

She has some amazing photographs that she sells too. I love this one of windmills in NY. 

One thing I love about this shop is that I could actually buy her items without that "Ouch I spent too much money feeling" that I know we all get sometimes. I could actually shop instead of just window shopping at So Said Kristen

This is a really beautiful shop with lots of interesting and unique items, I recommend you take some time to check Kristen's stuff out. Its beautiful and totally worth it. 

Kristen has generously offered Crafting in My Closet readers a discount code for free shipping! Use the code 1goodluck for free shipping from So Said Kristen on Etsy. Then go check out her facebook fan page and follow her on Twitter

This is a sponsored post. I was paid for my opinion of this shop, but I would never recommend anything I would not myself buy or use. 


Paula Schuck said...

I live the bracelets.

MommaWannabe said...

U love that painting too! very fun to look at!


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