Monday, July 02, 2012

Summer Fun with Kids!

Welcome to the Summer Fun With Kids event here at Crafting in My Closet! The idea behind this event came to me when thinking about last summer when I was pregnant with Eva and poor Tabitha had to stay inside most of the day until Morgen came home because I was just too sick to play outside with her. So My goal this summer to to have NO TV Time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Tabitaha. Right now she is in preschool on those days so keeping her away from the TV isn't hard because she plays with her friends, eats lunch then goes to school, then she comes home plays, eats dinner and goes to bed.

I've invited some of my really cool blogger friends (some of whom I know in real life too!) to help me out with some awesome ideas to help you all have a TV free (Or less TV) Summer with your kids!

I've been working on weekly themes for activities to do with Tabitha and her friends, and this weeks theme is Pirates! Tabitha loves playing Pirate and saying Argh! I'll be posting about our pirate adventure on Wednesday this week, and we have an Awesome guest post on Tuesday. On Friday I will be Showing you some of the cool idea's I found around the web for fun activities to do.

Some of our Guest posts this month will be showing you how to create games for your kids, crafts to do with your kids, cooking or baking with kids, and some area specific ideas, as well as a post on activities to do with your kids while your pregnant! Wish I had that one last year!

So Come back tomorrow to see what Erin from Simply Frugal Mom has thought up for you!

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