Friday, June 01, 2012

Summer blog challenge Day 1

So I signed up to do the Summer Blog Challenge at Going Green with the Grizls. Every day there is a new topic to write on. Todays topic is why I joined this challenge.

Well as some of you know last summer I was horrible at writing. After I was eliminated from one month to win it I took a little break from sewing, it was hot, and I was having all day morning sickness. Hanging out in my closet in our bedroom (which is the one room that gets grossly hot in the summer) did not sound appealing to me. So since I wasn't really sewing, I didn't feel like writing either. So this summer with it looking like sewing may be limited because of my broken sewing machine(I'm still really bitter that I paid to have it fixed and was told it was fixed only for it to break less than an hour later and now the guy won't call us back) so I need other stuff to write about. I also plan to try doing more crafts that don't include sewing. I hope to do at least one new craft each week with Tabitha. She really needs some creative outlet or she will start destroying everything in the house. And unfortunately for her, she got her father's skin tone and burns very easily, so just letting her run outside isn't really an option, she can for part of the day, but I try to keep her inside from 1-4 when the sun is the worst, besides most of her friends still nap and thats prime nap time. So for us it will be prime craft time. If I can work on crafts with her maybe I can get some time each night to write here, but if not at least I have the Summer Blog Challenge prompts to give me something to write about. I hope you all enjoy your summer and keep checking back for crafts and more. As it gets closer I'll have more info, but from July 1-31 I'll be hosting a Summer Fun with Kids event. I have a few guest bloggers lined up to show you all some great crafts for kids, with kids, sewing with kids, baking/ cooking with kids and lots more.

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