Saturday, February 04, 2012

Introducing Evangeline Morgan

Well she's finally here! Evangeline Morgan was born at 3pm on January 26th 2012. She was born via repeat c-section. It went really well, It was so strange having everyone in  the OR be LDS and making church jokes. There were two student nurses and while my dr was trying to explain something to them he started singing "do as i'm doing, follow follow me", I almost died laughing. I was scared at first but I had such a great experience and my dr was awesome.
Evangeline was born at exactly 3pm and after the initial clean off Morgen was able to hold her in the OR while they worked on me for most of the time. I was able to kiss her and look at her while they closed me up. Morgen went with her while they did all the initial newborn stuff and they met me in my recovery room about ten min after I got there. I was able to hold her the whole time during recovery and nurse her and bond with her.
My mom had Tabitha and it was so great that Tabitha was one of the first people to meet Evangeline. She was very excited to meet her baby sister.
I was able to walk around 11 and they had me walk to my room (which luckily was right next door.) I was able to leave the hospital on Saturday afternoon and I was glad to be home with both my girls. Recovery has been better than last time, although I seem to have pushed myself a little to hard, so I'm trying to take it easy for a bit.
Evangeline is a great baby. She sleeps really well, and is a championship nurser. She is a total cuddlier and just the sweetest little baby ever.
Tabitha loves being a big sister and tells everyone that Eva is her sister and she's "nice and cute". The other night Morgen took Evangeline in the other room to change her diaper and Tabitha yelled "Bring back my baby!"
Its an interesting transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4 but it feels like Evangeline was a missing piece now and I can't imagine our family without her.

right after birth

How sweet

Cuddling with mommy

what a cutie pie

my little sweetie

so pretty

super baby

ready to go home

last picture as a family of 3

first cuddle with mommy

The best feeling!

Sleepy girl

Milk coma!

Hope you enjoyed the photo bomb! There will be more i'm sure!

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