Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tahoe Here we COME!!

SO Excited! Tomorrow we are leaving for Tahoe! I Love TAHOE! I love the Fireworks for 4th of July, I love sitting on the beach watching Tabitha and her cousin Vivian play, I love the BBQs, the craft fairs, the hanging out by the pool at the cabin. Its seriously my favorite time of year! I Love that my Awesome niece Vivian's birthday is the day before mine and when we were kids we celebrated my birthday over 4th of July at Tahoe and now we get to celebrate her birthday over 4th of July at Tahoe. I'm excited to make Viv's cupcakes for her birthday party and I'm even more excited to give her the awesome birthday present i've been working on for her! Its taken all my time this week but I'm so in love with it! But I can't tell you what it is yet (haha ) I'll definitely post pictures when we get back from Tahoe!
Seriously I love Tahoe so much that I hope to own a home there someday. Right on the beach! It would be pure heaven!
And here are some of the pics from last year at Tahoe! So much fun!

Totally looks like Tabitha is telling Vivian off! 

But they love each other! 

My Little Hula girl loves the Water!

The girls playing in the sand

Look how cute she is!

Tabitha and I at the Beach

Tabitha's favorite spot, the pools of warm stagnant water that form after the tide goes out. She loved laying in there playing in the puddles!

In other news, I can't believe I'm officially 30 29+ today! Yes thats right today is the first anniversary of my 29th birthday! I seriously had a whole month where I thought I was turning 29 again, ah wishful thinking!
I'll be spending my day, sewing, packing, doing laundry and cleaning out the car, but we are going to the BYUI Brazilian association's BBQ tonight which sounds fun, and we'll probably go to coldstone to use my free birthday coupon. ( and really anyone who wants to give me something free just for being born is pretty swell in my book )
Don't forget that the results for One Month To Win It will be posted tomorrow, so go check and see if I made the cut! (seriously my goal is to survive the first week! competition is tough!) And On Monday the new Projects will be up so don't forget to go vote for me, as always I can't say which is mine so just go try to figure it out!
Hope you all have a Wonderful 4th of July! Enjoy those Fireworks! I know we will!
Just had to share! Love this song!

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