Monday, December 13, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Card Promotion!

So semi-pro baby paparazzi out there, this post is for you! If your anything like me, you take a million pictures of your little one! Shutterfly has all sorts of great products to put your little stars mug on!
When Tabitha was born I was a picture taking maniac! I took so many pictures, I had to do something with them right? I took a ton of pictures the first two weeks and wanted a way to display them nicely but as we were moving I didn't want a ton of picture frames to move around with us. Enter Shutterfly's picture books! Oh I Just love these books! I ordered one for me and one for my mom of pictures full of Tabitha's first two weeks. It was just so cute! I ordered another one for my mom for mothers day too I liked them so much!
For Mothers Day for Morgen's Mom we ordered a calender with pictures of who else but Tabitha. It turned out so cute! I’ll definitely be doing another one this coming year.
Well this year i’ve been procrastinating on our Christmas cards, (yes I still haven’t gotten them out!) I usually make them myself, but this year with being sick and moving, and all the sewing i need to to i decided to order ours. I saw on Cassie’s blog, a post about Shutterfly's awesome Christmas Cards, and I was sold! They have some super cute cards, and let me tell you its going to be hard to pick just one! I love them all! 

These are just some of the super cute cards on Shutterfly, but thats not all. They have some SUPER cute birthday invitations, address labels, and greeting cards. And incase you need another reason to LOVE shutterfly, they are giving away 50 FREE Christmas cards to blogers! How cool is that! Go here for more info.
Seriously go check out the christmas cards quick and get yours ordered! Can't wait to see them!

Post Edit:
It seems that the promotion is now over, but you should still go and order some super cute Christmas cards from Shutterfly anyway!

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