Friday, July 16, 2010

Craigslist is my new best friend!

So I just have to say it, I L-O-V-E Craigslist! Seriously.
While you probably more often than not find that the ads are a total dud, (ie gee let me charge $75 firm for a very used slide that goes for $80 new) sometimes you hit the jackpot!
I totally have been lucky in hiting the jackpot when it comes to craigslist for some toys for tabitha. We got just a bunch of random toys including a fisher price dino with balls a few months ago for way cheap, but my major find just happened last week. I have been looking for a slide for tabitha but I didn't want a huge one since we are moving. Well craigslist to the rescue! I found an awesome step 2 slide for only $20! Sweet! plus the lady selling it gave us a bike for tabitha for free! AWESOME!!!!
So now her little backyard playground is complete! She's been having the best time on her "new" slide lately!

And even though she can't reach the peddles on her bike yet she likes to sit on it and have us push her around.
She's starting to actually be a toddler and less of a baby everyday.


Emily said...

wha-whoo! What an awesome find!!

Cassy said...

Awesome find!!


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