Tuesday, February 16, 2010

such a slacker

I really haven't been in the mood to blog lately. I know I should, but I haven't been able to just get to it. Things are kind of putzing along as always here at Peschke palace, I'm trying to be up beat and positive, however when your short comings are constantly pushed in your face its a little hard.
Morgen finally got around to putting up Tabitha's swing, but she has yet to use it because he took it down and said i need to put it up each time she wants to use it because of the dew. It's a plastic swing, I can wipe off the dew but I'd like to see him put up her swing while holding her, yeah, not gonna happen. I keep trying to get the taxes done, however Walt bought the tax software and it only works on a PC, I have a mac. Morgen said I can use his computer, however he has so many passwords and other junk I can't get on it, he expects me to boot it up into windows but didn't leave instructions, so yea that didn't happen either. I have gotten some crafting done lately, but of course no pictures, maybe I'll dress Tabitha up tomorrow and take picture. I made her a super cute if I do say so myself capelet, its red satin on the outside and black minkey on the inside. I also made her a new tutu that's red and black with a red rose on it.
I finished a new blue tutu for my shop and I need to send one of the purple tutu's I have as well as some hair bows and Binky clips to the Cora's for calla auction, although it seems to be on hold for a bit as pay pal made her take the donate button down because they considered it gambling.
I picked out the pattern and material for Tabitha's Easter/Birthday dress. Since Easter falls on conference weekend and her birthday is the next day, I'm making one dress for her to wear to church the next weekend.This is the pattern I'm using, I'm making dress B and the coat.This is the material for the dress and jacket

This is what the dress will be made of. I like it because Its not to fancy that she can't wear it for other things and its not obviously Easter. Its nice for her to wear something I made more than once.
This is the jacket and diaper cover material, the jacket will actually be covered with a beautiful blue lace that's the same color that i got as a remnant at Michael Lavine in LA. I'm a little afraid I won't have enough for the jacket in the lace though so if not I'll still have this which i think is so cute.

Ah well, I need to get to posting all the back pictures now

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