Monday, January 18, 2010


I totally forgot, I wanted to share this. Two weekends ago morgen called his uncle and asked if they wanted to skype. So we set up a time and then had dinner. Well apparently during the time between the call and the time we skyped they had decided that we must want to skype them to tell them we were expecting again! Seriously? T's only 9 months, I want another one but not that soon! I thought It was funny, but forgot to post about it.
Although funily enough, since then, I have become so baby hungry, Morgen and I agreed that it would be best to wait 2 years especially since I had a c-section, but I can't help wanting another one. Until then, I have my hands full with Tabitha, who wants to be into everything all the time! I love her, but man she is really teaching me a lesson in patience, and I wouldn't trade even the worst days for anything in the world.

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