Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Products I can't live without

So since I'm still computerless but I have the blog weitter app on my iPhone (there's an app for that) and I really want to keep up the habbit of writing daily i thought I would write a little post on the products I can't live without. Hopefully after I get my computer back I can add pictures to this.
So here goes my top 5 products I can't live without.
5. TiVo. So witha little one, a house full of people who don't want to watch what I'm watching and a power off from 12-6 rule it's hard to watch tv, but thanks to TiVo I can record what I want to watch and watch when I have time it's brilliant. I would never get to watch dr who or good eats if it wernt for TiVo. iPhone. Even though I had the service turned off because AT&T sucks I still love this thing. I basically use it as an iPod now, but I do plan on jailbreaking it and taking it to t-mobile. I can get a data only plan and use skype from my phone for all my calls how great is that?! Seriously there are so many useful apps on this thing it's become a very important part of my daily life.
3. My petunia picklebottom boxy backpack. I love this bag. I have sparrows one from last year and it's the best bag ever! I cab fit everything I need in it. The outside is washable you just wipe it up. It has a detachable changeing pad and it's super cute. I love this bag.
2. My MacBook. I love my MacBook this is my second one and it's the easiest computer to use and it's got everything I need. Plus I can watch netflix on demand on it so I have movies Internet email and anything else I need right there.
1. My organic dark chocolate brown ErgoBaby carrier. Seriously the best product ever invented for moms. Tabitha loves to be held, but my arms get
Tired after a while and when she falls asleep she gets heavy, that's why the Ergo is so freaking great. I can wear her on my front or back and get everything I nee to get done accomplished. Plus when She was smaller I could wear her and nurse her at the same time so no matter where we were I could nurse her and still do what I needed to do. Seriously I can't recomend the product more highly. So much better than any other carrier out there.

So there you have my top five. What are yours?

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